Starting off 2022 with challenges, not so new challenges, challenges that resemble last year and the year before that’s challenges. We appeared be over the hump, looking forward to the holidays, seeing loved ones and celebrating together when Omicron hit.

Oh well, I must accept that life is struggle. And joy and sorrow. It still beats the alternative. Most everyone is on the verge of exhaustion but hoping to move past the uncertainty, stagnation and fear of life with Covid. My only strategy is to keep holding fast. What alternative is there? “The only way out is through.”

I’m dealing with some serious financial setbacks as well, so compiled a list of income-generating possibilities, including my Etsy store where I managed to make a little dough selling off a few rare zines. Need to figure out how to lower shipping costs, also on the list.

Somewhat fortuitously I’m participating in a panel on Women in Punk Rock hosted by the Polygon Gallery. Here’s the lowdown, perhaps you can join us on Saturday, Jan 15 at 3 pm, PST.  “Inspired by our OG Punk exhibition, please join us for a live online conversation with four remarkable women who were key figures in the Vancouver punk and indie music scene, and went on to produce other forms of music and creative endeavours. The informal discussion moderated by Sook-Yin Lee, a member of the 80s Vancouver band Bob’s Your Uncle, who is a filmmaker, musician, actor, multimedia artist, and award-winning radio and TV broadcaster She will be joined by Jade Blade, a member of The Dishrags, Vancouver’s all-female punk band of the late 1970s who now teaches art history and visual studies; Heather Haley of the all-female Zellots band fame who is a musician, novelist and poet; and Vanessa Richards, member of the 1980s all-female rock band, Bolero Lava, who works in music, film, television, and arts-based engagements.”

Conversation will take place via Zoom. Register here: https://thepolygon.ca/…/online-conversation-vancouver…

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