I’m stuck! It’s a long and arduous process but I’ve been archiving my archives which include thousands of photographs and memorabilia in a vast array of formats and media. I’m nearly half-way through one box. *sigh* Oh well, the only way out is through. I’m going to sell off some rare zines and flyers. My main impetus is not burdening my son with all my crap when I go. Like a fool I thought I’d have the task completed by the end of this year. I’m no hoarder but astounded at the volume of things I’ve held onto despite many moves over the years. Oh well, I can only keep chipping away on evenings and weekends as I need to get back to writing and working. Another challenge is nostalgia, even melancholy. Excavating my past forces me to consider the choices and decisions I’ve made. This is how I wound up here. Living in Vancouver with my son, boyfriend and posse of friends nearby isn’t such a bad fate.

Took a little side trip down Memory Lane yesterday as I came across the one and only issue of “Generation” magazine, circa 1983 published by BYO, Better Youth Organization. I was a contributing editor and wrote an article about LA’s after hours club circuit. Jim Barnett reviewed a Black Flag reunion show featuring all current and past vocalists except Keith Morris who didn’t show up. “Instead, Merrill from Overkill ran onstage dressed as Keith, screaming, ‘I could have been in this band,’ until Dez hit him in the face with a pie. Ron Reyes took over next singing stirring versions of ‘No Values,’ ‘Wasted’ and several other hits from the early era.”

Ah, my misspent youth, one of the wildest, best times of my life.

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