Heather Haley


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Heather Haley is a Vancouver writer, singer, and videopoetry pioneer. A member of the punk band, the 45s, and the originator of the all-female group, the Zellots, Haley’s edgy style stems, in part, from her days in the Los Angeles underground music scene.

Known for pushing boundaries by creatively integrating disciplines, genres and media, Haley published “The Edgewise Café,” one of Canada’s first electronic literary magazines, and ran Visible Verse, a videopoem festival while producing her own critically acclaimed videos “Purple Lipstick” and “Dying for the Pleasure.”

She is the author of poetry collections: Sideways, Three Blocks West of Wonderland, Skookum Raven and a novel, The Town Slut’s Daughter. As AURAL Heather with Roderick Shoolbraid she released CDs of spoken word song, “Princess Nut” and “Surfing Season.” Her work has toured Canada, the US and Europe and appeared in a wide range of periodicals and anthologies, including A Verse Map of Vancouver.

Haley currently performs in the indie folk duo The Pluviophiles with Keir Nicoll. Committed to honesty, feeling, craft and a sense of the absurd, she continues to ask all the tough questions “a nice girl’s not supposed to ask.”

Haley has the gift of writing to suit her subject in all its raddled variety, from wired and jarring to lyrical and tragic.”-Vancouver Sun

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