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Girls with Guitars…

…the emphasis on “girls.”


Working on the Zellots record with Jason Flower of Supreme Echo I’ve had to consider time’s inexorable march, how it treads upon our minds and bodies until nothing of us remains. Also, the folly of youth, the hubris of youth. We were so cavalier about the demo tape we were making, about the band we’d created and the songs we’d composed, cavalier to the point of losing the master and most cassette copies. Oh, and breaking up. We didn’t-perhaps couldn’t-appreciate what we had. The late Peter Draper did a stellar job, recording we fools in the basement of our house/rehearsal space near the corner of 34th and Victoria. I can’t recall where or how he mixed it but lucky for us Peter was a very talented guy. Also fortunately, Jason Flower is a hardcore music nerd, driven in fact to seeking us out and resurrecting our group despite scant traces of its existence. I get the impression it’s like a treasure hunt for Jason. In that spirit and though likely a long shot, we’re going to try to track down a copy of the Lenore Herb video for the launch party. No date yet but the new master is currently in the Czech Republic being pressed. I’m as excited as a teenager about to play her first gig!


For zealous Zellots fans everywhere, the Zellots on vinyl at last!


My dear friend, musician and musicologist Jason Flower of Supreme Echo Records in Victoria just announced that he is about to remaster the only known surviving Zellots recording, a cassette copy of a demo tape engineered and produced by the late Peter Draper, RIP. Jason and I spent nearly two years trying to track down the master, to no avail. I did a lot of sleuthing and may have pissed off some people but could not even unearth another cassette. There was talk of possibly using the audio off some of the video Lenore Herb shot back in the day-which I hear has been digitized-but it appears Jason is going with this tape which contains On The Dole, Let’s Play House and another track called Vampire Love. I think that’s what it’s called.  And there might be a fourth track, I’m not sure. Oh it was so long ago…In any case, I’m excited that the Zellots will finally be on vinyl! Details to come. Check out this “teaser clip/video” and the fabulous Supreme Echo merch at the website. Also, head over to the record store in Victoria when you’re in that neck of the woods. Jason knows his stuff! And this is all true:

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