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“Where Sins Are More Sinful”-Collaborating


Love collaborating.  I’m working on spoken word songs with producer/guitarist Mark Deutrom, formerly of the Melvins and currently of Bell Ringer and Brian Topp, a Vancouver composer whom I’ve been paired with to create a piece for the Art Song Festival in June.  This is a link to an Atticus Review story on my poem Where Sins Are More Sinful, which my friend painter Victor Bonderoff illustrated and Mark Neys AKA Swoon Bildos of Belgium adapted to video.


A river flows down to the Atlantic-

the Matapédia-

Irish and cathedral

on one side,

Québécois and cathedral

on the other.

They all know sin.


Jeanette walked to the pier

every day to buy a lobster,

hid the quarts of beer

from brothers Ed and Reggie

in the toilet tank.

Hung a rosary there,

to atone for the bastard

she nourished

with lobster and beer.


Tiny filligree iron cross

laced with lines of rust.