I hope! I’ve compiled a list of my videopoems for a friend working to get me on a panel. As you may know, I founded the Vancouver Videopoem Festival as a program of the Edgewise ElectroLit Centre and then Visible Verse at The Cinematheque. If I’m fortunate I will produce a new one later this year.
The audience is along for a wild ride in How To Remain with a compulsive protagonist resolutely heading toward an elusive goal of perfection, perpetually struggling to stay on, to stay thin.
Tart, taut and terse, Haley’s honed poems of lust and loss, wrath and remorse are imbued with hard-won insight and subversive wit.
Sins are more sinful when the whole town knows.
Swoon Bildos-Director
Fierce, full of stiletto irony, verve–yet rife with sensitivity, Whore In The Eddy explores a winding road of twisted fates.
Beyond Goth
Bushwhack compels the viewer to see—and hear—the forest in an entirely new way.
A blackly humorous, kaleidoscopic trip down Memory Lane, the car a metaphor for power, an extension of desire. Katrin Bowen-Director

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