COURAGE REQUIRED & What A Difference A Week Makes


Happy 2021 my pretties! A couple of first drafts, writing still saving my psyche. Rock on and and remain well.




Noise Manor born,
Leather swaddled, swoon worthy
Lizard Prince, zapped, skull branded,
Wicked brained and lens-handed.

Shades-concealed peripheral glancing
All-seeing oracular eagle eyes
Take me in, propel me
Future forward faster
Than the magic bullets whizzing past.

Once the tousled raven-haired
Son with the most sun,
Expert stick handler alights
Upon a daily industrious tear
Through the cities,
Playing power tools guitar style.

Ripped t-shirt death wishes
Upon a rock star came true
For so many of our comrades.

Fiercely dumb as intelligent,
I pay no heed to gossip
But proficiently kept my location
Secret for much of our lives,
From his eternal knowing snarl.

Avian marked forbear
Spreads his wings to shelter,
Nurture fledglings.
Knows not fear.
Relentless fighter
Lightsabers frenemies.
Relentless suitor
Bears roaring mouths of lily,
Slams shut
Decades of black door
To open the portal to light.

Owns his skin,
Owns beats like no other,
A heart that beats like no other,
Worn on David of Michelangelo arms.
Red boned record lover
Basks in our spotlight
And is here now.
At last.



Image may contain 1 person,
dog, plant, outdoor and nature,
according to social media.
Grief out of the picture.
Do we really need
another photo of another pet?

No one else had to mourn
when our mutt expired.
They cared but only being polite,
island vet carting away his bulk
for three hundred bucks,
SamIAm’s passing sad
but no tragedy.

A chaotic death that occurred
while I was on the mainland.
Sam had puked in the morning
before I ran to catch the ferry.
He often vomited after devouring
everything in his path; colossal
mushrooms, deer poop, beetles,
voracious as he was vicious
toward other dogs. Ducks.

No fur baby this hound,
though adorable and adored
by our posse,
kids riding him pony-style
or tossing sticks for hours.
My hapless, overwhelmed,
home-schooled and home alone
teenaged son called in a panic,
horror I could only imagine,
sickened as he described
peering into Sam’s unseeing eyes,
I helpless, unable to help
or take charge.
Dammit! On the one
day I have appointments in town.

Attempting to shield my beset boy
I had not yet instructed him,
warned of the cavalcade of loss
steaming its way straight for his soul
relentlessly as a tugboat.
There is no way
to illustrate its impact.
Gentle or tough, hushed or brazen
there is no way to spare anyone
from that particularly cold,
hard fact of life.
Hold Fast,
about all one can offer.

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