Equals comfort food? A missive from my bubble to yours my pretties. Getting a little writing done, one silver lining of being shut in.

This is how my mind works; I’ve been wondering how the pandemic is affecting crime. How do burglars break in when so many people are working from home? I did some research and as suspected, those rates are generally down while domestic violence has spiked.

Also, have food on the brain; procuring it is more challenging of course, while trying to eat well. It’s tempting to over-indulge so I limit my purchases of sweets and junk food.

“Be kind, be calm, be safe.”


Mumblecore semi-actors,
Gluten free master cleansers,
Gym goths and health rats
Of serious quinoa cred

Prefer kale chips,
Tofu marshmallows,
Twenty dollar tacos,
Good bugs by the billions

For their guts,
Fake beef, celery juice,
Low carb slow food,
Deep health the high prize.

Supermarkets equal minefields
So, take out, pick up, delivery or
Food truck pilgrimages.
Patios with barriers possibly

But picnics are the best.
Ah! All that ventilation.
Fresh air equals salvation
Minus the long queues.


  1. Is there a genre of poetry about food? Well, you’ve introduced me to one. Interesting experience to read and imagine tasting it, then deciding if one likes or doesn’t depending on something quite unrelated to the words being read since they’re triggering memories not saliva. Thank you Heather for this new experience in poetry.

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