For All My Tricksters

It’s been a long time coming but a new collection of verse, Skookum Raven, will be published by Ekstasis Editions in the fall, pandemic be damned. “There are some rough and wild birds around Howe Sound — West Coast avians like the sharp-shinned hawk, the northern harrier, and the whiskey-jack. Heather Haley, an accomplished mapper of human migration, pair-bonding and predation, takes these feathered frenemies as her starting point in this assured third collection, Skookum Raven. Like her foremothers and contemporaries Gwendolyn MacEwen, Susan Musgrave and Karen Solie, Haley writes sophisticated free lyrics of a witchy feminist kind — but adds some proletarian ferocity with her bus-station grandpas and sketches of iffy guys like Ed the Fence. These are astute, austere poems which sometimes take flight into optimistic beauty — this book is ‘pockmarked with luck.’ “

2 thoughts on “For All My Tricksters

  1. Hey, congratulations to you Heather!
    What a wickedly good bit of prose on you and the book.
    Another autographed book by you will be in order.

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