Some of the bands I’ve shared billing with…

Just for fun and because the subject came up more than once during our recent interview with Nardwuar; a list of some of the bands I’ve shared billing with during my oh so illustrious career, a time capsule of sorts as well.  And as Bill Thomson pointed out, “you could create an urban poem or a musical chant with the band names.” ZELLOTS-Vancouver-DOA, Rabid, Subhumans, K-Tels, AKA, Tunnel Canary, Modernettes, Devices, Perfect Stranger, Private School, Rude Norton, The Visitors. THE 45s-X, The Braineaters, No Exit, The Gears, The Weirdos, B People. HEATHER HALEY & THE ZELLOTS-Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thelonious Monster, Jane’s Addiction, Beat Farmers, L7, Henry Rollins, Legal Weapon, Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians, Firehose, Precious Metal,The Pandoras, Lucinda Williams, Candye Kane, Bobby Brat, Babylon Warriors, Chris D & The Divine Horsemen, Rik L Rik, Jim Lauderdale, Craig Lee, Giant Sand, Marvin Etzione, Poison Ivy, What Is This, Peter Case & Victoria Williams, Screamin’ Sirens, Rosie Flores, Double Freak, Sacred Antennae, Crowbar, Bay of Pigs, Divine Weeks, Donner Party, Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada, Mary’s Danish, Snake Farm, Milo Bender, Tupelo Joe, Fifteen Minutes, The Raunch Hands, New Flesh, The Bel-Fires, Downy Mildew, Ringling Sisters, Zoogz Rift, Leaving Trains, Saqqarea Dogs, Miracle Legion, Aromatic Prawn Experience, Rhino 39, The Beginners, Dust Poets, Black Bambi, A Band Called Horse, To Damascus, Lunchbox, Cold September, Shredders.


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