Hello Dad?


It appears there might be some progress on the paternity search! My cousin Amy, the genealogist found my 1st cousin Valerie through GedMatch. We have my father narrowed down to one of two brothers. I’m not going to name names until we receive the results of a DNA test my potential half-sister is taking. Said brothers live in Ontario but are from New Brunswick where I was born. Valerie’s origins were nearly as obscured as mine but her adopted mother revealed her father’s name. I never had a name.

In any case, I am a Scot! Ironic that my Ukrainian alleged father gave me a Scottish name. Mom wanted to call me Debbie. So I’m cautiously optimistic and pinching myself, can’t believe this is happening! I had given up hope of ever finding my kin. Our kin, mine and my son’s.  It will be interesting to see what develops.


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      1. Should be any day now. Web site says results will be in November 8 to 21. I am checking everyday. Hoping with all my heart that you are my sister.


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