Girls With Guitars-ZELLOTS Record Release Party!


All right! We have a date; Sat, Sept 23. I’m working with Jason Flower of Supreme Echo on promotion though he’s already lined up several interviews and record store appearances. Also, after much intensive scouting and thanks to DJ Jeffrey McCloy we’ve found a skookum venue, What’s Up? Hot Dog! on Hastings in East Van.

Girls with Guitars         ZELLOTS Record Release Party!

Come celebrate with the Zellots, fans and Supreme Echo who have just released the never-before-heard and complete recordings of the all female Vancouver punk rock sensation the Zellots, with Heather Haley (vocals), Christine deVeber (guitar), Jane Colligan (bass), and Conny Knowe (drums). Modernettes member John ‘Jughead’ McAdams replaced their original drummer and is featured on the recording. Three incredibly catchy and memorable songs with a high level of musicianship and witty tongue in cheek lyrics sung by the phenomenal Heather Haley whom later formed the .45s (with Randy Rampage of DOA, Brad Kent of the Avengers and Karla Duplantier, ex-Controllers).

Do not fear the flexi ! This deluxe DMM mastered, silver label, custom round 7″ comes housed in a dye-cut paper dust sleeve with a thick closed-pocket cover and booklet! An important piece of herstory! Limited 525 copies.

Rare and collectible indeed! I hope you will join us.



One thought on “Girls With Guitars-ZELLOTS Record Release Party!

  1. FAR OUT!!!! Be there or be square! Jason and Heather, many, many thanks to you both, and anyone and everyone else involved for making this happen.

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