The Town Slut’s Daughter Live! Stage adaptation in the works


A rock opera perhaps? A spoken word song/performance poetry piece as in one-woman show, is a possibility as well.  Maybe it’s a multimedia fusion of song and verse extravaganza with a full cast. In any case I’m working toward adapting my novel, The Town Slut’s Daughter to the stage.  At this point the project is embryonic but I may have found a director and a composer. Fingers crossed! I need a creative outlet, a break from scrubbing toilets. Whatever form it takes, the production will fuse rock and verse in the vein of my spoken word song project AURAL Heather. More details soon.


4 thoughts on “The Town Slut’s Daughter Live! Stage adaptation in the works

  1. Good for you! That shows determination and lasting power, not a quickie while the nights were young. The written, spoken word has indeed undergone mutations to ‘inter-media’ language. Good luck and work only with those at your level and talents.

    1. Thanks Al! The people I’ve been consulting with are very talented, it will be a privilege, not to mention exciting, to work with them! The biggest challenge seems to be carving out time to pursue the project. C’est la vie.

  2. What an exciting sounding project, Heather ! There are just about a million ways that The Town Slut’s Daughter could be adapted, stay true to the novel & be totally entertaining (albeit in a sometimes dark way: hey, huge audience for that flavour). You wrote an intense pop. culture fairy tale: the pursuit of a punk rock dream gone wrong (which is itself very punk rock!). An adaptation with music and pretty much any form of theatre is bound to end up pretty awesome. Hope you find the time to map it all out. Excitin’. 🙂

    1. Thank you Nicholas! And yes, I’m working on it, carving out the time to get ‘er done is one of the biggest challenges.

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