Liar, Liar


“Families First.” What a crock. Christy Clark will say anything to get re-elected. That is for certain, as is the case with most politicians, but Clark takes dishonesty and hypocrisy to new levels. The Liberals-such a misnomer-are very good at coming up with snazzy sound bites though. As the parent of a child on the spectrum I know that autism funding is a huge political football. The same with MSP fees, which have doubled, which no other province pays. BC Liberals effectively do nothing as people struggle with constantly rising costs of living including food, hydro, daycare and housing. Clark is very helpful to her wealthy donors by providing tax breaks while our wages remain low and jobs part-time. Anything below $15. an hour is a poverty level wage, especially in Vancouver. I will vote this spring but as usual there is not much choice. I doubt the NDP have the ability to oust her and the Liberals. We will be stuck with more lies and subterfuge.


4 thoughts on “Liar, Liar

  1. Listen up next time you are within earshot of people who you’d expect to say nice shit about the BC Liberals – they all know Clark’s party do not come close to measuring up and they have not done so for many years now so have nothing nice to say about them. Rock the vote sister – it far too soon to count out a big change for the better.

  2. It is going to be a very close election is my prediction. Many former Liberals cannot in good conscience stand voting for this particular gang of ‘Liberals’ who are really closer to Harper-style Conservatives. It would be an easy win for the N.D.P. this time around except for how many people are considering voting Green.

    I am not very comfortable with telling people who they should vote for, but please consider that the N.D.P.’s current platform is greener than the Greens and that the Greens are actually a pretty right wing party (not left wing) in so many ways. If this statement surprises you and you are thinking of voting Green, then you need to do more research. On the bright side: the Greens are poaching tons of ‘Liberal’ votes precisely because they are a right wing-style party with a heart–that may lift the N.D.P. to victory. That and the fact that this time around the N.D.P. have a great set of candidates, a great platform and a strong and assertive leader who can’t be out-debated by Christy Crook. Ok lastly: if you support the N.D.P. please vote ! And if you support the Liberals: please fall down a manhole on the way to the polls ! 🙂

    1. Thanks Nicholas. I’m so weary of the status quo, hoping for a change but not feeling too optimistic. The NDP were ahead in the polls last election, polls don’t mean much.

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