Old Man Winter refuses to leave! Plus, a little good news.

Image: News 1130
Image: News 1130

Vancouverites, including me, are freaking out. Seriously, many sidewalks and streets are frozen over, wreaking injuries and havoc. My livelihood is impacted, especially on snow days when the city goes into virtual lock down. It’s snowing right now. No end in sight. I wish it would remain on the mountains, where it belongs. I keep thinking how this is exactly the weather we needed for the Olympics in 2010, when it rained instead and they were forced to manufacture the white stuff.

I suppose global warming could be causing Vancouver to freeze. Oh well, we must be intrepid. And brave, carry on as best we can, do the things we think we cannot do. I’m trying hard to take life day by day and not freak out. More challenges and upheaval. C’est la vie. Happy New Year!

Some good news; the Zellots record release on Supreme Echo appears imminent; in the spring perhaps. I hope! Thanks to  supreme human being and music freak Jason Flower.


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