“Where the Nights are Twice as Long” reading on the longest night of the year


How cool is that? Love Letters for Winter Solstice! On Wed, Dec, 21 at the Vancouver Public Library I, along with Daphne Marlatt, George Bowering, Christine Lowther, RC Weslowski, Jane Eaton Hamilton and Renee Saklikar will share love letters and epistolary poems published in Where the Nights Are Twice As Long (Goose Lane). With a “musician prelude.” I will have to find out more about that.

This lush, hefty, gorgeous book came out in 2014. Well received, it’s nice to finally celebrate its deliverance in Vancouver. Better late than never as they say. “Here are odes and lyric ecstasies, tirades and tantrums, pastoral comforts and abject horrors – all delivered with the vibrancy, wit, and erudition of our finest poets. Under the covers of Where the Nights Are Twice As Long, David Eso and Jeanette Lynes collect letters and epistolary poems from more than 120 Canadian poets, including Pauline Johnson, Malcolm Lowry, Louis Riel, Alden Nowlan, Anne Szumigalski, Leonard Cohen, John Barton, Di Brandt, and many others, encompassing the breadth of this country’s English literary history.”

Kudos and congratulations Dave and Jeanette! I know how hard and how long they worked on it, and I’m thrilled to be included, though I do get squeamish at the thought of such intimacy on full display. However it will appeal to the voyeur that I believe resides within us all.


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