“I Saw You” Found Poem-Found A Home Too!

Laura Zerebeski http://laurazee.com/
Laura Zerebeski

At last. We found a place! It’s too small and expensive but we can keep our dog and I like the neighbourhood, Commercial Drive, officially Grandview/Woodland. So relieved the limbo is over. There’s a park close by so taking Brinda for walks won’t be difficult. The place has a cute little balcony with a view of the city. I can bring my hummingbird feeder and bistro set. Will have to be creative with space and storage. I’m in serious purging mode; sold the barbecue and chiminea, clearing out my closet, piles of stuff to donate, hosting a moving sale next week. Back to the Big Smoke and we are coming full circle, my son born in a house on 1st near Victoria, nearly 21 years ago, my artist self *spawned* in a basement on 34th, near Victoria, less than 20 years before that.

So no time to write-what else is new-but I came up with this recently. A found poem. Ever read those ads in the back of the Georgia Straight? Always good for a giggle. Human desire truly knows no bounds.


Girl reading a book.

Voluminous yellow scarf.

First name begins with “K.”

Big black SUV.

Born a ginger, I could tell.

Hypnotic regression.


Psych night.

Grace on wheels.

Passing in the rain.

Dark hood and jeans.

Seated next to me at the hockey game,

shared popcorn and a Kinder Surprise.

Foggy falls at Seymour, we rode the chair together,

sill cursing myself

for not getting your phone number.

Tattooed blonde on the bus to Horseshoe Bay.

Criminal. I like you. A lot.

Teacher in Surrey, living in Van.

You had a giant bottle

for making mead.

Whistler Gondola Saturday morning,

embarrassed about my runny nose.

You asked if I knew of any liquor stores open

past 6 on Sunday night.

Hottie tequila boy.

Saw you working the front desk.

Skytrain to Downtown/Soil Erosion Papers.

You were so gorgeous I couldn’t get up the nerve.

Cowboy in white hat driving white Corvette.

Yaletown brew pub smiles.

Mountain Biking/Tennis Court/Pit Bull.

Sunset Beach @ Sunset.

Red Bull poolside party.

I liked your glasses.

Davie Street block party.

We screamed for ice cream.

Rent cheque. Rex I am obsessed.

Fairmont Pacific Rim lounge late last night.

Coffee cutie.

Instantly attracted to your energy.

We came very close.


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