F R E E D O M !


For everyone involved. Freedom just might be our greatest desire. A friend asked what I think about the Ashley Madison debacle. It’s complicated. There are morals, and there are ethics, but these self-appointed, self-entitled hacktivivists are self-righteous assholes. Hypocritical purveyors. What makes them the arbiters of morality? Seems to me there are far greater social problems to address than extramarital sex. And, who put them in charge anyway? It’s certainly puritanical, Orwellian. Their actions are as despicable as any sinner’s and entirely self-serving. Look what we can do, aren’t we clever?

Ultimately, I could give a flying f**k. Human sexuality and the institution of marriage are incompatible. Divorce rates prove it. I understand mating and pairing up. Nobody wants to raise children alone. No one should have to. I understand love, family, community, and relationships are vital, but can find no advantage to being hitched. Not a one. But, that’s just me.

Can we be adults now? Not everyone needs to be married. Life is short, and forever-as in ’til death do us part-a long time, monogamy often unsustainable.  I’m tired of the futility of guilt, of people having to suppress their needs, or being persecuted for said needs. The entire enterprise is irrational, but longing, yearning, I understand, passion and drive fundamental aspects of human nature.  We are only human after all. That’s what I think.

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