Hitting the Book Marketing Trail, Poetic Love Letters anthology review

Dear British, American friends, the e-book of my novel is on sale May 5-7 for .99! “Haley has the gift of writing to suit her subject in all its raddled variety, from wired and jarring to lyrical and tragic.”

One could spend 24/7 on the Internet, and heaps of cash, promoting one’s book. Fortunately I have a life, though it would be nice to get ‘er done. I try. I’ll say it again, I need some elves. And or a boyfriend like Ryan.


A review of Goose Lane Editions Love Where The Nights Are Twice as Long appeared in a Saskatchewan paper, the Star Phoenix, the other day, characterizing our correspondence as, “Heather Haley and John –in 2010 give us the graphic carnal fling, start to finish,” which is a lazy generalization but at least it’s getting some coverage. Editor Dave Eso said that ours might be the most graphic exchange in the book, next to Susan Musgrave’s, but  how lame would an anthology of love letters be without sex?


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