Deliverance! “I am my own bitch. At last.”-Fiona Larochelle. Plus Book Launch Party recap

Woo hoo! This is the official announcement. We are live!  The Town Slut’s Daughter is available online at Amazon in paperback or ebook form. I hope you will order a copy to read and enjoy.

The book launch party at Slickity Jim’s in Vancouver was a resounding success. Wonderful venue; staff, food. Standing room only. Sold 42 copies! And we had a blast, the room brimming with goodwill and revelry as well. My film student son Lucas documented the event. I was nervous, running on adrenalin trying to pull together all the loose ends but the evening came off well. Bowen Islanders and fellow scribes Nick Faragher and Carol Cram attended, with Davina Haisell, my copy editor. I am so grateful. Carol has generously guided me through the indie publishing jungle and Davina saved the copyediting day. The book is so much better because of their input. Soul sister Julie Vik came out as well as did old school punk comrades Dennis Mills, Diane KM and Alex Varty. Dear friends Megan Gray, Trevor Clark, Stephen Vogler, Dan Harbourd, Chris Walter, Jennifer Dodds, Page Turner, Dennis Bolen, Soressa Gardner, Jeff and Madeleine,  Victor Bonderoff, who created the fantastic cover art was there, and Derek von Essen, book designer extraordinaire. Tracy and Regina kindly facilitated books sales and mirth. I’m so lucky to have such supportive and talented peeps. Besides Junior, other family included Josef, Michael, nephew Kyle and his girlfriend Joanna and my lovely muse, protagonist namesake Vanessa Larochelle and entourage who  travelled from Vancouver Island. A joyous occasion! Despite a little chaos. Thanks to everyone for being there.

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