Ah, life in the 21st century; still distracted, certainly, and seeking focus. Peter Babiak’s book came up in conversation and Keir pointed out a reference to me and my work in a section on Vancouver Poetry: “Poems are like discourses in that, like philosophy, they contain knowledge but their focus isn’t just on delivering some knowledge but also on how we get to that knowledge in that word engine. Even when they’re about Vancouver, all poems are really about doing things with language. Like when Heather Haley, who has the sexiest voice in all of poetry, puts a contemporary spin on that historical desire to make a culture out of Nature in her poem “Habitat”: ‘We plan like architects to bring the outdoors/in.’ It’s the sheer simplicity of the lines, perforated with that little line break, that produces the thought.” Indeed there is much insight to be gained from poetry. I find it sad that so many people are poetry phobic.

Peter adds: “The enticingly-voiced poet Heather Haley, whose earthy lines nudge and edge themselves into your mind, posted this reference I made to her work years ago.  Not only does she have the sexiest voice in poetry, but her work proves that few forms of expression are as suited to shifting our thinking as poetry.”

Agreed. If only the haters could get over themselves and take a little time to read some poetry.  Also, such an acknowledgement of voice provides a boost and helps me feel a little less like I’m writing in a void. 

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