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Spoems or Spoetry

“It is unknown as to when the first spoem was started as several writers and bloggers have claimed to have created the form. However, it’s estimated that the idea began in 1999 as Satire Wire [1] held their first spam poetry writing contest in 2000 [2]. Animator Don Hertzfeldt began writing spam poems in his production journal in 2004 [[3]]. Translator Jorge Candeias wrote a “spoem” a day during a whole year, between the 5th of May 2003 and the 5th of May 2004, using spam subject lines as title and inspiration; these are in Portuguese, based on spam bylines mostly in English. The creation of spoetry is similar to William Burroughs’ cut-up technique in that individual subject lines of messages are pieced together in poetic form; making the creation of spoetry an exercise not in creativity as much as in having an eye for the unexpected. The end result can be crafted into any literary form the author desires: haiku, concrete, limerick, dada, and so on. Thus, spoetry is not a literary form but rather a means of creating poetry.”

I too have been recycling the spam cramming my In Box as a kind of found poetry:

spoem haiku

o u whiz just try
i donofrio speak pi
e thus dominates

knife laces grew two
power steps, hard disk results
prizes seal vectors

minimum fastest
blue curves behave, light figures
binary surprise

dignity healing
edgar’s stripped lounge magnetism
wash infringed body

cappuccino chairs
discuss classical transport
dad’s quickest love match

meet miss frown metals
dashed depictions, wrecked panes
sorry soup spoons stuck

generating flash
magazine window cited
must include spring whirs

double tetractys spoem

neck dates
giant ear
fast way plane big
own green kind deep real better by before

produce object wind shouts wear mother out
learn soil yard show
cover all
patch oil

spoem cinquains

trusty vichy
demurring messiahs
employ hoochie blue lanterns

tiger skunk haze
gosling teeth refreshing
chuck paleontology brine

fleece franchises
jettison floor models
sacrilege by deafening runes

Barn heart
kimono bee
raises bride in one day
Virgin forensic coffee klatch

double tetractys spoem 2

rank jump
vows hit large
found side decides
last red area children thing low

cross jewelry silk copies rock game gone
raise energy
speed doses