All my Fabulous Friends: Gabor Gasztonyi, photographer, author, filmmaker, activist


I am privileged to run with wild pack of exceptional writers and artists and have known award-winning photographer Gabor Gasztonyi since 2011. I’m not sure who introduced us but as we’re Anvil Press stable mates, it might have been writer Dennis Bolen. In any case, I’m grateful to whomever as we hit it off and have been pals ever since. We share interests-like fishing-sensibilities, gossip and a wicked sense of humour. He bases his myriad operations from a studio/gallery in New Westminster and is currently featuring his favourite black and white portraits taken over a ten year period at the Plasket Gallery until the end of March.

Seriously intrepid despite being afflicted with polio as a child, Gabor is the author of gritty, unflinching and intimate A Room in the City. He plays wheelchair basketball, traveled to Africa last fall for Ethiopia National Immunization Days, working with Rotarians to eradicate polio, and to London’s  International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in February where his documentary No Way Out was an official selection, nominated for several awards and won Best Editing.

Most importantly, he makes me laugh.

I admire him greatly.

Rock on Gabor!



One thought on “All my Fabulous Friends: Gabor Gasztonyi, photographer, author, filmmaker, activist

  1. I felt your poem, very nice, you put me in the field of summer, mmmmmmm 🙂 Drafting sunshine from it’s rays, glows the energy of life, giving heartfelt love to grow, endlessly in the palm of the universe. Summer has it’s long-underwear on, chasing the last of the snowflakes floating down, then warm up to the fire, melting the season.
    What a sight for spring, the birth of a new seed, naked with Life yet full of Gumption … 🙂

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