Life unreal

It’s still sinking in I suppose, doesn’t seem real. Took the nieces out for dinner at the oh so posh Shore Club with its high ceiling and waterfall of glass. It was Diana’s birthday. I’ve heard that people often die on their birthday. It happened with my mother. We were celebrating K’s graduation and L’s birthday so I didn’t bring it up. They only remember her vaguely; it’s been so long since they saw her. I get teary when I think of my sister and I as girls and the way she used to be, the way she always was—sweet, generous, compassionate.

My girls are not girls anymore. They got lost on their way after taking a wrong turn, K at the wheel! I was shocked to find out L is pregnant! She is only 21. I will be there for her no matter what she does but I’m worried and told her so. Seems to me she is going to miss out on one of the most exciting periods in a young person’s life, instead will be tied down with the all-encompassing duties of motherhood. Doesn’t everyone want to be young, single, independent? I don’t get it but ‘tis her life indeed.

Do the Olympics matter? I know they matter to a lot of people but not me; professional sports in general bore me to tears. Western media outlets and media coverage is what I find interesting. Junior thinks Canadians should be winning more medals. I explained we’re not doing too badly for a country with a population as small as ours.

Back from attending the Canada Council’s On The Road Touring workshop, for the commercially challenged artist. I’m glad I did, certainly learned a thing or two, developed some useful leads and contacts, in fact have decided to take a new tact in several areas.

Feels like summer today, will be glad to ditch the sandals/pedicures though. I have nearly all our Haida Gwaii plans in place, bought some rain gear and made sure Susan M is there. She travels so much you can’t assume she is going to be in Massett just because you are. I’ve booked everything except the tours, excursions. It sounds like most areas are protected and you can’t see them unless you hire a guide. Which is fine, just have to decide what our priorities are for there won’t be time to see and do everything in one trip.

I caught up on some phone calls and spent some time following through on Window Seat manuscript submissions made this past March and June. We’ve been entertaining a bit since our return from Quebec. Josef had his IT cohorts and their families over for a BBQ and my nephew and his family came and stayed overnight with their three girls and little wiener dog, had to banish Sam to the deck. Stressful but worth it, a lot of fun. We need to get this place furnished at last; there is no place for guests to sit. We did get the bookshelves ordered at last, they’re on their way. We grilled a flock of chickens in peri peri sauce. Too much food! Josef didn’t tell me they were all bringing their own stuff. I told him to let me organize the party next time. He doesn’t have a clue when it comes to entertaining though he quite a capable BBQ chef.

Got my hair done, ran into the editor of the local paper, Julie at the beer and wine store, who commented on my colour. I told her Irene at Union Hair Company does my hair and she expressed surprise, thought because Irene is sol old that she couldn’t do styles that were so “young.” Yes, she’s great, I said, a little slow but I get so many compliments on my colour, I’m hooked. It is a lot of maintenance, told Julie it’s not even about covering grey; it’s more about not being a redhead. It’s a big part of my identity. And I’m a performer I said, I can be flamboyant. In the light of day, the colour is electric.

I’m still trying to catch up on paperwork, our AURAL Heather bookings and tour, web presence, etc. Need to work on my web site too, downloaded some software to that end, Adobe Contribute which I haven’t had time to investigate. I’ve also been working on touring plans. So much to do, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed all the times.

Watched a documentary last night. It’s still hard to believe that it happened, that John Lennon was assassinated. “Anyone can shoot anyone,” Chapman told his wife. Where did he get the money for everything? Flights to New York, accomodations at the Waldorf Astoria. Spent days stalking, saw the Dakota’s gargoyles as demons. “Where would I go?” which is what he said after the door man told him to stay put. Catcher in the Rye as his statement to the police. Like John Lennon, had a Japanese wife, but unlike Lennon, his was docile, so much so she didn’t call the police when he began ranting and raving about Holden Caulfield, Lennon the phoney and how he must therefore die. So long ago and still unreal.

I’m tired, went on antibiotics today for a bladder infection. Oy. Ugh. Urf. Need to prepare for rehearsal on Saturday, which involves working on new material and some promotional materials and our performance at the Fearless Festival on Sunday. Once again, there is no sound check and we’re trying to figure out to wing it and sound good at the same time. I have a solid plan now, thanks to the Canada Council workshop and I’m taking steps now to get the kind of gigs we need. Onward and upward!

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