More snow, Shakespearan insults and day dreaming

Woke up to snow. Again. Ugh. God, I long for California. Exactly what did the groundhog indicate on Saturday? Sun emerged around 1 pm so walked the dog and got a little Vitamin D. Had to go to the Cove to run errands and it was hairy getting out of the yard still socked in with snow but my trusty old Volvo hauled us out.

Found myself trying to explain Facebook to a friend in Barcelona which made me wonder about the state of social networking in Europe. Guess I’ll see for myself in the fall when the Aural Heather tour hits the continent. Came across the first Facebook app I’ve enjoyed in a while, the Shakespearean Insult Generator. I called Scott Beadle a “fobbing, shrill-gorged waterfly” and I’m a “craven, dizzy-eyed harpy” as far as he’s concerned. Much fun.

Spend a fair bit of time gazing out my window. Funny, I used to do the same thing while living in a funky old $400. a month house in East Vancouver. It was where Conny Nowe and I rehearsed with our band, the Zellots. My room had a view of the Lions. Now here I sit a hundred years later on the other side of the North Shore mountains, still an artist in pursuit of the muse.

One thought on “More snow, Shakespearan insults and day dreaming

  1. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving the link. I’m a poet and my brother is a visual artist, and we have talked about such a genre in a loose sort of way. I supposed I shouldn’t be too surprised to find such a genre exists, though I was in fact unaware of its existence per se.

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