AURAL HEATHER label support from RPW Records

Recently I visited the GoGirls music website and forum in an attempt to find information on label support. It’s difficult to find labels that produce and promote spoken word that is not hip-hop. I like hip-hop but it’s not what I do. I wasn’t expecting much, got a few leads that went nowhere and one very condescending reply with a lot of unsolicited advice. I ignored it and in short order was pleasantly surprised to hear from a woman named Pam Southwell of RPW Records. A Canadian! She lives in BC, near Vancouver. Must ask her what RPW stands for. She had listened to the tracks from my forthcoming AURAL HEATHER cd posted at my website and said she was impressed with their innovation and would like to meet with me to discuss working together.
RPW has recently released a compilation cd of female artists from around the world called Violet Femmes. I attended the launch at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre and was very inspired by the two women being showcased that night, Emma Ninel and Pam’s daughter, Beth Southwell. Both were strikingly original artists and talented songwriters. Beth’s songs were unconventional in structure. They didn’t follow the typical verse, chorus, verse, chorus construct; they were like stories, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Her voice is strong, her phrasing unique. Solid band too, drums, fiddle, guitar and backup vocals. The guitarist had a full-bodied sublime tone and presence.
Emma Ninel was incredible. She opened with suite of elegant songs. This woman sings with her whole body, being. I so admire that ability. It’s something I struggle with. I manage to get in my own way sometimes, hover on the verge of panic, forget to breath, that sort of thing. I suspect it parallels society’s disconnect between mind and body.
It occurred to me that Ninel’s lyrics, which were like winged words and soaring phrases, might look fey on the page but on her tongue they are precious sonic gems. She shines a light on things of beauty by isolating them in breath. In My Garden was outstanding. It made me want to savour the moment and join the Slow Movement!
Do we call them record labels anymore? I suppose we’re still creating recordings, which is more important than media. In any case, I look forward to developing our collaboration and hope our shared sensibilities are portents of a strong rapport and friendship.

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