Crashed and burned? 2012’s Year of the Water Dragon’s attending happiness and success? Where did it go? I was really hoping to turn things around. 2011 sucked. It’s my bad fortune to report that my hard drive crashed. Yep, that’s the state of the union and all I’ve been dealing with for nearly two weeks; fallout. Here’s what happened. My 90 pound Staffy SamIAm walked into my laptop, knocking it off the ottoman in my office. Turns out I didn’t have any proper backups, only thought I did! So now, though financially strapped, have to figure out a way to pay for data retrieval, if it’s retrievable.

*sigh* It seems everybody has to go through this at least once. I’ve been entering data, computing, since ’89, owned a personal computer since ’90 and on the Internet since ’93, web authoring, as it was referred to. This has never happened to me. I’ve been lucky. It feels like I’ve lost a limb. All my files, photos, drivers, tabs, documents, bookmarks, email addresses, correspondence, poetry, songs, videopoems, art, gone! It’s devastating. What else is there to say about it? Oh yeah,¬† learn from my mistake and make sure your hard drive is backed up! Anything can happen, including big assed dogs.

3 thoughts on “YEAR OF THE DRAGON MY ASS

  1. online backup – I must have a 3 year subscription – I’d have my Bondi Beach photos if I had contacted them within a month. There might be better out there. Good luck with this f’g project. FL

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