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Album: Princess Nut
Label: RPW Records
Genre: Spoken Word
Sub Genre: Rock
Standout Tracks: How To Remain, Whore In The Eddy, Three Blocks West of Wonderland

Website: www.heatherhaley.com/aural_heather
EPK: www.sonicbids.com/auralheather

An interesting twist on poetry, AURAL Heather has taken an artform to higher levels of cool. Pulling no punches, AURAL Heather drops the truth on a diverse array of controversial topics relevant to society. Doing it with an undeniable allure, lead poet Haley's voice is both sensual and intriguing delivering the real to you without apology.

For most, this form of artistic release may be quite new. The artists have been plying their craft in the underground scene for years, but do yourself a favor and open your ears and mind to a complex and intriguing ageless artform.

AURAL Heather has fashioned a unique style of melding some very cool musical production with haunting realities communicated in memorable, sensual and haunting vocal stylings. The core musical aspects of this act are the essence of cool, sporting a 60's laid back kaleidoscopic, hallucinogenic a la The Doors vibe.

AURAL Heather has recently been featured on CBC Radio, Liquid Lunch and Howl with Nik Beat-CIUT Radio 89.5 FM-Toronto, CKUT-FM-Montreal, Wax Poetic-CFRO/Vancouver, CKXU-Lethrbridge, Word Slingers-WLUW FM/Chicago, Outsight Radio Hours-Detroit, Nette Radio and Blog Talk Radio/Los Angeles and covered by the Village Voice, Tom Harrison-Vancouver Province, Vincent Tingueley-Montreal Mirror. They just returned from the first leg of their international tour and dates in Ottawa, Kingston, Chicago, New York, Montreal and Toronto. AURAL Heather will make BC appearances at they prepare to tour in Europe in April and Australia in May 2009.


“Princess Nut” available for purchase at:


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RPW Records 

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