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Workshops & Videopoetry Programs

Heather Haley offers scheduled workshops and is available for presentations for public and private groups.

Heather can bring a selection of videopoems to your town as well. She has access to thirteen years of Vancouver Videopoem and Visible Verse Festival archives and can work with you to arrange a suitable videopoetry program.

SIDEWAYS - Alternatives To Print
WORDGAMES - Poetry Workshop for Kids


S I D E W A Y S - Alternatives To Print

Reframe your perspective by thinking outside the book, beyond print with pioneering poet, author, musician and media artist, Heather Haley. With an emphasis on creation, process and performance, Heather will speak from her own experience about multi-media production methods and strategies. She will demonstrate her adaptations of text to the spoken word, music, audio and video. Participants will also explore funding sources and the myriad modes of dissemination available today through topics such as social media, YouTube, blogging, podcasting, online publishing and Internet marketing.

“Heather Haley grooves. Her powerful Workshop Alternative to Print shows that messages through media can come in any form. SIDEWAYS uses a delightful mix of art/media which gently loosens the rigid constraints of art labels, thereby encouraging one to be inventive while exploring their creative boundaries. Heather Haley uses her artwork to explore the complexities of human grace through the multidimensional synthesis of media. Her personal style is spicey, gritty, eclectic, and she redefines cool.” - Amanda Daniell

“Heather spoke from a vast background of knowledge and experience weaving the intricacies of multi media toward building a body of written, visual and aural work. Her easygoing direct approach created a friendly learning experience where participants spoke comfortably about their vision for projects outside the book and outside the box.” - Road McIntosh


W O R D G A M E S - Poetry Workshop for Kids

By providing a safe environment along with a series of word games and amusing writing exercises, Heather Haley incites and inspires young people to give voice to their expression verse.

“Your workshop was well thought out, and had lots of creative ways to inspire the children to find their poetic voices. They were all made to feel confident with their ideas, and felt willing to take risks and try new things. The results were great! I hope you can do another round next year. Emmett's frog poem was up on his wall all year!” - Tiffanee Scorer, mother of Emmet, age 6

“There were some great poems that came out of today's session. Heather's method works so well! I never thought I'd have the ability to write a poem. I had a notion it was some sort of deep, hidden process reserved for a select few. Heather brings out the creative spark in anyone. It was very cool to watch the kids create their poems.”
- Laura O’ Neill, Island Discovery Learning Community workshop coordinator


A poem by the Island Discovery Group:

To Windows

Speedy, inspired door spottie,
my spells went down the drain.
Miracles are something to celebrate,
like the eagle in my yard named Moe,
earning air miles for pruning
my neighbor’s beard.
Fountains of hippopotami. My aunt
reading herbs.
Frozen mischief. Solar power
melting the marshmallow war.
Professor Yang’s umbrellas
keep popcorn off my pals,
book spinning fanatics
who surface at daybreak
in search of honking big hills.